Saturday, January 8, 2011


" Friends can be friends only if they are parallel..
same in length,
width also can be said as
railway track..
where the two lines
travel together..
till they reach their end.....
if one line is showing a curve
the other will also bend in the same degree and show u the curve...both the line travel together and end together ..Friends can be friends till the end of their life if they travel same as the railway track.... where there thoughts will be same forever "

wow !
SALAM ,,,, firstly i wanna say happy new year 2011 to everybody who reads my blog . thank you very muchxx .. :):)
hope you have things to do at ur home ! =0 agagaga~
it has been a long time i didn't update my blog . one year i think . huh . sorry ,
act , i miss my friends already .
i miss all the good and bad times we had together ..
do y'all miss me ? HAHA .

oh , my gang ! yaww .. afiqahd'aNgeL?.najwad'gediXX.sabd'murkY.malind'seXy.suhailid'noisy.
aliaad'lovelY.saadahd'hatecat?.mard'malignant syikad'sweet. who else ? batch 46!iLOVEyouall! yo ! gang ! although we're not having a happy ending , but i still love you beb ! thank YOU for always be there for me ! hey , if i do not write ur name here ,, jgn amek hati eihh :)) thnx and sorry for everythings !

HEY guys ,,, i know we can do it . just believe in ourselves and pray for it , ourFUTURE .
i have words for you , " Every successful person has a painful story , and every painful story has a happy ending "

stay in touch friends ~
Love , Alina Annas
hope to get another chance to eat roti canai together . HAHA :)

where is my eye? (*O*) .lol.