Friday, April 27, 2012

basketball is basketball

how come i be a basketballer?
oh yeah. peristiwa : palam objektif : mncari aktvti ko kurikulum.
act, i have fallen for bball for decades since i watched erm,,, high school musical, Devil beside you, bull fighting,  etc.. then one of the club that exist there was basketball club, then i decided to join it since i dont know how to play at all and i decide to learn it. then i joined and i have had a blast time by joining this team. i have learned how to play and until now i'm still into it. but, aku tak hebat macam kau. kau. dan kau. i'm just a beginner ok?
so, do teach me (?)

palamku yang indah. ngeh3
masuk weyh ! * ta masuk pun *

my teammates. geng maen basketball neyhh :)
ziqah,alin,wana,fasya. ohh mereka ini hebathebat belaka weyh. segan akuh :(

the club had once organized a trip to a game at the MABA stadium. KL. it's MALAYSIA vs THAILAND.
guess what malaysia won ! and this is the best scorer of all time PATRICK <3

muke kitorg bahagia sangat sampai senyum gilo gilo. aish =.=
alina<>wana wallo

look how he done it !