Thursday, April 26, 2012

culture clash !

aiyaaak ! culture clash ? 
to be one of the exBUDAKSEKOLAHAGAMA is quite tough i can say..the person who standing right next to you will never understand because they are not in your shoes. i had once asked my friend (in palam of course)  **just to try to test which level i am now** 

#ehemehem, kau rasa, aku nie ada gaya budak sekolah agama tak ?#
#tak . ( directly )#
# sikit pun takdak ka?#
#entahler, kenapa kau budak sekolah agama ker#
#hmm . . . #
end of conversation

i think bout the conversation all over again. thinking. thinking. thinking. what a pityy person i am. kau hidup belajar kat sekolah agama tp orang tak tau pun kau sekolah agama. apa kes ? shame on you ! nampakk ngaaatt . . . entohlerr. from that point of accident, i keep an ambition to change to a better person everyday. even it is very hard, as long as you keep it as your goal, then you will slowly adjust the steps. . . people, show yourself, the way you have been raising into, what you get from what you have learned. if not, other people will look at you differently. *remind for myself *

this is not the main point of the story, it is not related to my title post. actually, i hve an experience to share with . . .
i was playing basketball, wearing long sleeve t-shirt with tracksuit and hijab (tudung bawal) alaa, macam kau kau selalu pakai !  haish susah benorr na explain. play. play. play. it's 7 p.m and were resting and get ready to go back. they were talking blablablabla.. and then reach the tudung story, then one of them was like , 'haa nehh alina ih sekolah taayah. ustazah. tapi ta pakai tudung labuh pungg ! ' ( sambil tangan menghala ke tudung aku )
jengjengjeng. panas tak ?
perghh , wey ayat kau tuh ta boleh kurang ajar lagi kerr ?!
first time i been hit by this thing, and you know what i replied ..?
weyy kau, tudung labuh , bukan budak sekolah agama je kene pakai, tapi semua perempuan kene pakai. kau. kau. kau. semua orang kene pakai nak tutup aurat. takde fatwa yang kata hanya budak sekolah agama je yg kene pakai tudung labuh. 
then aku meninggalkan tempat itu dengan hati yang merekah tinggai nak pecahh !
sorry wey, aku mintak maaf aku tak tahan sangat nak marah.
so, moral of the story, wahai wanita sekalian alam, jgn ckp mcm tu. tak baik tau. setiap manusia tuh Allah berikan hidayah cume orang itu masih belum menerima dgn sepenuhnyaa lagi. mungkin dye dah ada niat untuk berubah, tapi belum lagi kan. . . 

remeber the quote saying, When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself..