Saturday, May 19, 2012

how it affects me ! :)

assalamualaikum :)
just so you know, i'm addicted to pianos os os. HAHA
dont know how it came to me. just cant stand to watch and feel the music they're playing. i luv it. this is what we call real music. righto ? haha. just want to share the feeling of hearing to these types of music. so dig it !

this is river flows in you. original music by Yiruma and played by, i dont know. HAHA. but he's really good ! this is also one of the soundtracks in TWILIGHT saga dehh ! ( tht's how i found it ! )

i had once asked my father, ' oh papa, can you send me to piano class (Y) '.
dream of it. ok? haha. nvr mind. people says, dream as long as you can dream . . . . . wuteeveerr
so, i only got the chance to learn how to play UNINTENDED by muse, thought by my akak saudara, also refer on youtube, it's the simplest thing, but only THE BEGINNING okay. haha. check out and try it !