Sunday, March 20, 2011

be yourself , be HAPPY :)

You have curly hair , but you want it straight . you spend hundreds at the salon to get that look .

you have black eyes , but you want it blue . you spend money for coloured contacts to get that blue eyes .

We all want to be something that we are not .
Yet , at the end of the day , YOU are YOU and you cannot change that.
Men struggle with this but not as much as woman . Woman are trapped by it .

The next generations of girls would be so much healthier if OUR generations were not as obsessed with their IMPERFECTIONS :(

The way out of this MADNESS requires in changing how YOU think about yourself .
Here are some tips to get rid of this problems ;

1. If you meet someone new , stop thinking of how they look
2. Most of the time , when women feel bad about themselves ,
it involves their body . There is nothing better for your
body and mind than movement . It makes you feel
confident .
3. Open yourself so others can see the real you . When you
are comfortable with yourself , you have more energy to
give and love others .

We should be grateful of what we have now .