Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my routine for the season :(

this is what i do when i feel really really boring ! blogging ! blogging ! hee :P

usually , i wake up and i will do the dishes , wash th clothes and whatsoever , and after everything is done , i will watch the astro beyond that is so bowringg . grrr ..

my favourite channel is star world that is 711 . that is my number one !

on monday night , i watch the star world monday night laugh .. :DD

you should watch this ! hee :)

i used to watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER . i really love the show and it's really funny . but now the season is over . i think they're preparing for season six . caant wait . but there's MELISSA & JOEY , replace the HIMYM . hoho .. funny funny and funny and joey is kinda cute !

on tuesday night , i watch the GLEE ! hey , i'm a GLEEK ! i have never miss the show ! my favourite of all . because i really love MUSIC and it's my passion . i really like to watch their singing . after the show end , i cannot wait to see the next episode ! i'm willing to wait for a week . by the way , i fell in love with <3 PUCKERMAN !! gahhh ... :P

wednesday night , no movies ~ sooo boring . i will go facebooking earlier on this night .

thursday and friday night is the night for AMERICAN IDOL !! yuhuuu ! this 10th season is the hottest season of all y'know .. O.M.G ! i love J.Lo . she is really beautiful ! and i say it everytime i watch her ! . i love STEFFANO and PIA you know .. vote for them ! peace :D but , in the evening i will clean my house really clean i mean . it's not enough for just one day mann .. ohh i'm like a housekeeper .

saturday and sunday is usually a real holiday for me . i always travel . for now , i had been to johor , negeri sembilan , kedah , k.l ( my usual place ) .. ohh and including manjung . hoho

usually i hang out with my girlfriends on weekdays , coz the traffic jam will be less aand the supermarket will be empty..i like it ! there's one week that we go out everyday . and i was really tired for the whole week . but more fun !

the most impotant thing is online . everyday never miss the facebook thing . but when i'm fed up with fb , i will watch movies that i had download .. i have so many my ' must watch movies ' that actually i dont watch yet .. hmm guess no mood for that :(

hey i'm sugessting you to watch r u smarter than a fifth grader and oprah winfrey show . it's a good and entertaining reality show :)

sooo .. it's kinda boring ..? watch tv .. urghhh .. online... haiya.. i think that i wanna find a job.. hope so hee :D . sorry i'm not good in english :) hehe