Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it's been so long...

SALAM :) ~ selamat pagi ! petang ! malam !
wah ! dah lame rasenye tak tuleh blog ihh. sorry blog ! tgglkn kau mcm tu aje. ;D

actually , i've been living as a student life in uitm puncak alam :) it's really on the PUNCAK and you can imagine how was the feeling of not being too HOT okay.. haha. i'm veryy thankful :))
it's been a little fun..i've got new friends and new life and new routine. but it was so boring that every day you're doing the same things. but that's life and it depends on how you deal with it . rightoo? huhu. my housemate is all my longlast friends from SERATA . so i'm very glad that i got housemates that's actually ' satu kepala ' . HAHA . but not all. only three of them. another four is all my new friends . i LOVE them very muchho !!

okay. i admit , asasi sc is quite tough ! especially PHYSICS ! O.M.G... i dont know why... i cannot fall in love with physics at all...HaHA. i just did my final exam for this sem. i dont know what to say about it .. huhu .. only pray for it. so now. i am lying on my bed , writing a blog and waiting for my results patiently, pray for me ! HAHA. ** waiting for a miracle to happen ** ngeh3 :P ~~untill now , my life is okayy . i'm still me. and every day i think what could come next ..... am i gonna achieve my dreams ?? or it just dreamsss. huhu. so , look what ur doing now. like people said “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” 

okay . this all my story for today . till then ~~ i meet you next month ! HAHA ( maleh nk update )